| Abdullah Motiwala

A word from our CEO

"Today marks my 25th birthday. A year filled with obstacles, more obstacles and various accomplishments. Nothing has been easy, nothing, the emotions, the hurdles, the challenges, but somehow I keep moving forward a day at a time. 

At such an early age beginning a company in a time where entrepreneurship is viewed as risky, where you witness an array of different companies dawning on you shadowing your moves, I pushed.

I will keep pushing. Using every penny I saved up from working professionally for a year I set out to push my self. I was pushed harder, by family, environment, health, friends, and customers. My family has been my core. My strength has come from my family, my stubborn desire to create something that tasted "heavenly", so much so that my first three months of business were spent in free taste testings with 3,000+ people of different races, languages, age, and cultural food preference. I was obsessed with product quality, price and an ingredient that would hold heavy nutritional value.

Superfoods that our generations missing need to be provided at an affordable price, with an extraordinary taste to lower health problems for all generations face - all. Infusing this vision into my company's mission has only encouraged me to make parallel goals. Without the belief and the union of my family, the support of all communities, nothing would be possible. Therefore today, I urge us all, to believe in each other, to not only surpass our goals but to challenge the inner innovators in all of us and to stand together as a family. There is nothing sweeter than unity and love. As i celebrate with my family and companions, I hope you find the sweet will to support and love all too."


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