About us

Our Raw Mission: 

At Heaven’s Honey, our focus goes beyond honey production. We’re on a mission to keep farmers at the forefront of our business, to source the purest natural foods, and to inspire farmers to take accountability of how food is grown. We strive to create public awareness of the benefits of honey bees and pure foods alike through our expanding platforms.

Our Fresh Fruit Flavored Signature Honey Line:
Our signature pure raw honey, blended with fresh all natural fruits and spices, distinguishes us. Our family’s pride rests in a recipe that is free of artificial preservatives, gluten, food coloring, and additives. We choose our fruits and spices based on their properties, allowing us to add increasing health benefits to the already wholesome advantages of honey itself. For example, lemons contain vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin A and more, aiding in treating throat infections, indigestion, obesity while benefitting hair and skin care, etc.

All about local:
At Heaven’s Honey Inc. you are our top priority. Our raw local honey and five homemade flavors have been carefully selected to savor Grandma's warming tea and pancakes, Mom’s daily oatmeal and parfaits, Dad’s favorite French toast and biscuits and our young one's waffles and yogurt. When you are using pure raw local golden honey with nature’s best ingredients - juicy fruits and tasty spices, you can't go wrong!

Honey is a ready-to-go spread, a marinate on fresh meat (think honey bbq sauce or a lemon honey pepper glaze – yum!) or a drizzle on toast, teas and salads. Yes! Perfect as every household’s go to natural raw local plain honey (allergy relief!) or flavored sweetener, and personalized party favor for weddings, anniversaries for your family friends and guests for any event.

Giving back to the bees:
At Heaven’s Honey Inc., we appreciate the hard work of our honeybees, who we lovingly call our family’s angels. We take it upon us to aid our family members (you!) in implementing methods to increase our honeybees' population and reverse their endangered status. We entrust our family to unite to save our angelic bees on earth one bee at a time, with the help of one family at a time. At Heaven’s Honey Inc. we hope to play a leading role in supporting this ecosystem. Our family, signature recipes, and fresh quality ingredients are what make our honey the best heaven can get on earth. We hope when you think of healthy, you think Heaven’s Honey Inc., with sweet love - from our family to yours.