| Abdullah Motiwala

"Honey for Your Honey" at O'Hare Airport

 Hey there, honey enthusiasts! We've just wrapped up an unforgettable Valentine's Day at Chicago O'Hare Airport, where we spread sweetness with our "Honey for Your Honey" campaign.

O'Hare's romantic atmosphere set the perfect stage for our campaign, with couples and travelers flocking to our stand, eager to experience the sweetness of local Illinois Chicago honey. We're incredibly thankful for the collaboration with O'Hare and HMSHost, whose invaluable support made our day a resounding success.

As travelers passed through, we introduced them to our local honey, sparking smiles and warmth. Beyond sales, we cherished the connections made and the spirit of love in the air.

With hearts full of gratitude, we're thankful for the love and support from the Chicago community.


Join us in continuing to spread sweet love, one jar of local honey at a time!






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