Buckwheat Honey

  • $ 49.99


 Chicago Illinois' Buckwheat Honey - Rich Flavor, Now in 5 lb Jugs!

Indulge in the unique richness of our Illinois Buckwheat Honey, meticulously crafted by local bees. With its deep, dark color and distinct flavor, our honey is a standout in the Chicago culinary scene.

  • Local Elegance, Global Nutrients: Experience Chicago's own Buckwheat Honey, adding regional elegance to your palate.

  • Robust Flavor, Low Sweetness: Ideal for those who savor a less sweet but immensely satisfying taste.

  • 5 lb Jugs for Value and Versatility: Elevate your culinary creations with our larger 5 lb jugs. Perfect for enthusiasts, businesses, or those who want the convenience and value of a larger size.

Taste the difference and enjoy the nutritional benefits, sourced right in your own backyard.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $35: Enjoy free shipping when you order our 5 lb Local Illinois Buckwheat Honey