Cinnamon Honey Straws

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Discounted pricing due to straws being crystalized.

100% Pure Honey Grab-N-Go Straws! The straws are crystalized adding a little crunch! Yup, our heavenly honey portion controlled straws provide a great energy boost with the added benefits of pure finely crushed raw Cinnamon with raw honey. Tastes like your favorite Cinnamon Buns without the artificial mess! You will taste the difference in the raw honey, trust us, heaven's got a kick to it!

There are 8 Straws in (1) Pack, AND 
in 120 Straws in (1) Case packaging is leak proof to prevent from bursting.

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Honey Grab-N-Go Straws can be used in lunch boxes, work outs, water, coffee, tea, in a smoothie, on cereal, oatmeal, toast, yogurt, and our favorite straight gulped as a nutritious dessert!  Simply clip off one end of the straw and you can squeeze out your honey!

Our Clover Honey is True Source Certified! Support your local Chicago's small business. We are buzzing!