Applewood Smoked Honey

  • $ 12.99


 Chicago Illinois' Culinary Gem: Applewood Smoked Honey!

Savor the bold, grilled sweetness of our Applewood smoked honey. Our local Illinois Honey is perfect for elevating your dishes in the Windy City or nearby. 

Local Flavor, Global Appeal: A must-have for Chicago food enthusiasts, our smoked honey elevates your dining with a sticky sweet flavor that complements local favorites.

Perfect for Chicago Classics: Transform your ham or salmon for an authentic Chicago-style twist. A game-changer for ribs, a beloved dish in the city.

Versatile Delight: From salads to fried chicken, our smoked honey is endlessly useful. Drizzle over local produce or add a smoky kick to desserts.

Small Jar, Big Flavor - Eco-Friendly Edition: Our Applewood Smoked Honey comes in an environmentally friendly glass jar, reducing plastic waste. Feel good about your smoky indulgence as you savor big flavors with a smaller environmental footprint.

Local Love, Nationwide Reach: Enjoy our Local Illinois Honey with Free Shipping on Orders Over $35!