3 Jar Combo - Smokin' Hot Trio

3 Jar Combo - Smokin' Hot Trio

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Smokin' Hot Trio Honey

Heaven's Honey Inc. Hot Habanero Honey, Smoked Hickory Honey and Local Raw Chicago Honey are now in a TRIO Pack. Our Local Honey is 100% Pure, Gluten Free and perfect to remedy seasonal allergies from pollen allergies.

Hickory smoked honey is a must have, with a deep grilled sticky sweet flavor that is perfect to use to glaze a ham or salmon.

Delicious Hot Habanero Raw Honey with 100 peppers made in 60 LB batches. Our signature Hot Habanero Raw Honey is a perfect marinade on wings, fish, ribs, chicken, toast, pizza and more! Love in first bite, you'll feel the kick!

You can't ask for a tastier honey locally delicious with refreshing summer drinks, yogurts, salads, cheese, chicken, smoothies, barbecue!

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