| Abdullah Motiwala

Why Are American Beekeepers Struggling to Make Ends Meet?

Skyrocketing demand for honey has meant that prices in the US have almost doubled over the past decade - so why are American beekeepers struggling to make ends meet?
If bees were to go extinct, human kind would follow. YES! This is a fact, but how about generations of bee keepers? Have we thought of that?
Since the inception of Heaven's Honey Inc. I have seen many bee keepers lose their livelihood because local honey sales just are not cutting it. This is the sole reason why our mission to put the local farmers and local beekeepers at the forefront, to purchase directly from them in bulk (even if a pandemic interrupts our operations) - these are the same local beekeepers trying to save our dying local bee population. At Heaven's Honey we firmly believe in funding the farmers and paying them the top dollar. Just like we employ top experts in different industries, we need to care for the local farmers. But why are farmers having financial trouble?
"There are a number of factors, from the US importing huge volumes of low-cost honey from overseas, to insufficient labelling rules, and even outright cheating - whereby honey is mixed with cheaper ingredients, such as corn syrup."
So the people making big profits from honey sales in the US are the importers and honey retail companies, not the domestic beekeepers. With every jar you purchase at Heaven's Honey we fund our local beekeepers to continue practicing ethical beekeeping and save our dying bee populations. Let's all do our part!
This blog was inspired and briefs were quoted from:  https://www.bbc.com/news/business-53149367


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