Pure Maple Syrup 1 Qt- Freshly Tapped Wisconsin

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Savor Wisconsin's Best, Right Here in Illinois!

Delight in the exquisite flavor of our Freshly Tapped Wisconsin Pure Maple Syrup, a Grade A Dark Amber syrup available in Illinois. Rich in minerals and antioxidants, this syrup is a testament to Wisconsin's dedication to pure, authentic flavors, conveniently brought to you in Illinois.

Nutrient-Rich Elegance: More than just a pancake topping, our Wisconsin Grade A Dark Amber syrup is a health-conscious choice. Packed with a higher amount of minerals and antioxidants than lighter alternatives, it adds nutrient-rich elegance to your meals.

Nature's Labor of Love: Crafting maple syrup is no small feat—30-50 gallons of sap are needed for a single gallon of syrup. This labor-intensive process, spanning an entire sugaring season, underscores the natural scarcity and dedication involved in bringing you this liquid gold.

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